Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Setting a writing goal for the next two weeks

We are excited to learn more about language structures that bring our writing to life!

For the next two weeks we will be focusing on SHAMPOO! Our acronym for remembering language features.

Check out our learning portal for cool clips, activities and images to help master these structures.

The water was as muddy as a football field- George- simile
It is like the car's a boat-Gabriel- Simile
Plot pat goes the rain on the roof- Ruby- Onomatopoeia
The sky cries- Mikayla- personification
Splash, splish, splosh I jumped in a puddle _ Elle- Alliteration
Splish splosh splash- Alliteration James
The rain was noisy as an elephant stomping-Hyperbole-Nadene
The clouds were as black as the night-Simile-Stella
Im so cold I could melt-Drew-Hyperbole
Its as cold as the Artic-James-Hyperbole
There is so much water the drains could explode-Gabriel-Hyperbole
The rain is so hard it seems like rocks-Morgan-Hyperbole
Flooding falling from fluffy clouds-Gabriel-Alliteration
Cold as snow-Jacob-Simile
Im so cold I could freeze 100 times all over again-Ruby-Hyperbole
The cars are fish swimming through the streets-Emma-Metaphor
Im as wet as rain-Jacob-Hyperbole
It was so wet it made me feel like I was in a shower-Alex-Hyperbole
The rain was as loud as a drum-Maya-Simile

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